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Whether you’re looking to workout on your own or receive coaching, I’ve got you covered.
1:1 Personal Training is the bread-and-butter of KB Fitness. I strongly believe in the value of personal training both for higher performance, better results but also for sustained performance and motivation in the longterm.

However, my experience maintaining my own figure and even training competitively has allowed me to acquire valuable knowledge in the field that I hope can help you, whether you train with me or on your own.


Fill out the questionnaire.
Fill out the questionnaire so that I can understand more about where you're at now and where you'd like to be.
I analyze your results.
I will analyze your results and determine the most effective way forward.
Start training!
Start training with me and receive personalized advice and special attention all along the way.

WHAT's included?

Personalized Training Plan
A plan made just for you that focuses on each muscle group
Private Video Library
Gain full confidence in performing each movement at your own gym
Custom Macro Nutrition Guide
Set a calorie goal and macronutrient range, log your food intake and stay within your boundaries
Grocery List
A sample grocery list broken down by each macro (protein, carbs, & fats)  
Weekly Check-ins
Track your progress through pictures, tracking methods, or just catch up and chat
24/7 Access to Your Coach
I remain available to all of my clients at all times and by whatever means works best for you
Access to the KB Fit Fam
Get exclusive access to both our Facebook and WhatsApp communities to have constant access to troubleshooting and other topics with like-minded women

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